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In the near future this section will be dedicated to information about current developments and news as and when it happens – there will be an announcement on the start page.


New Startpage is live!


Website is based on new Technology


New website goes online


Grünwalder Gesundheitsprodukte receives its product licence from the District Government of Upper Bavaria.


Grünwalder's first licensed product goes on the market: Bekunis Balance Darm-Aktiv.


From this date, «Grünwalder Sennapod Tablets» are called «Grünwalder Sennalax». The tried and tested combination and quality remain the same.


Grünwalder Gesundheitsprodukte: certification as producer of medicinal products and DIN ISO 9000ff certification are granted.


Rodavan: now available in the better value 10 tablet pack


New pack size for Zintona: units of 50


Addition of articles from «pta-Forum» on the subject of trace elements, senna pods (Medicinal Plant of the Month April 2005) and asparagus


Today our Zintona series ends with part 6: «Good to know – facts about ginger»


Zintona: part 5 of our series: «Good to know – facts about ginger»


We welcome a new member of our product palette: ASPARAGUS P – a completely herbal diuretic product with a unique combination of active ingredients.


Zintona: part 4 of our series: «Good to know – facts about ginger»


Creation of a closed area for medical professionals with information for pharmacists and doctors. For access the DocCheck password is needed.


Zintona: in part 3 of our series: «Good to know – facts about ginger», ginger reaches Europe.


Zintona: addition of tips on how to prevent travel sickness (nausea, dizziness, vomiting) and Zintona: part 2 of our series: «Good to know – facts about ginger»


Grünwalder trace elements: In keeping with official recommendations, the zinc salt has been optimised and the chrome content adjusted upwards. Also, in response to many requests, iodine has been removed from the list of ingredients. Also, iodine has been removed from the recipe by popular demand. This improved recipe is now available from your pharmacist


Completion of the health pages on «Good to know – facts about ginger» and «Good to know – facts about vitamins» and completion of the information service section «Facts and information about medicines»


Creation of the page «Good to know – facts about ginger», an interesting journey through the history of ginger in monthly episodes.


The website is enlarged to include Grünwalder No. 1 Herbal Tablets (No. 1 Kräutertabletten) in Dutch and French


We have included the prices alongside our products in response to many requests.


The GKV Modernisation Act (GMG) comes into effect at the turn of the year 2003-4. In spite of exclusion from reimbursement, OTC (over the counter) drugs remain of great value and use; they are still recognised by the medical community, make economic sense and are very valuable. We hope the consumer information in pdf-Format will give you more information on this subject. Nothing will change for our products after 1. 1. 2004, they remain part of a responsible self-medication program which any informed consumer can use.